If you never worked with a professional organizer before, you may have a few questions and you’re not alone. Hopefully by understanding the process, some of your fears and concerns will be alleviated. 


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What is a Professional Organizer?
Professional organizers strive for solutions which are realistic, attainable, comfortable, and align with your style. We guide, encourage and educate clients about the basic principles of organizing with support, focus and direction that can reach beyond our face-to-face sessions.
Cleaning service vs professional organizer
Cleaning Services help when your house is dirty

Professional Organizers help when your house is cluttered or needs organizing systems put in place

A professional organizer will not be cleaning your home. Instead, we work with you to understand the organizing problem and your organizing goals. Then we implement solutions and teach organizing skills for long-term success. If you are interested in a cleaning service, we’d be happy to look into that for you.

Why hire a Professional Organizer?
The reasons are endless:

  • You waste money buying things you already own but you can’t find them or you forgot you own them
  • You own a lot of organizing products but you still aren’t organized
  • You are drowning in paper
  • You are running out of space to store stuff
  • You have a lot of unfinished projects
  • You feel like you have no free time
  • You’ve gone through life changes (a move, new baby, divorce, death) that brought chaos
  • You struggle to let go of things
  • You lack storage space
  • You feel like you want a positive change in your life. A fresh start
  • Your space causes anxiety, decreased productivity, or feelings of ‘mental blockage’
  • You have a busy home life or job and there is not enough hours in the day to dedicate to creating a better system
  • You just don’t know where to begin
  • Your home stresses you out
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • You struggle finding things you need
  • You feel you’re always straightening things up but it still feels cluttered
  • You can save money by seeing what is in your pantry to use up before it expires
  • You can get ready in the morning easier, now that you can see/find everything
  • If you struggled with making your space less chaotic and more peaceful and want a positive change to be more relaxed, productive and comfortable in your environment, let’s talk!
  • Circumstances like a move, new addition to the family, a loved one’s death and estate/inheritance, and build up of years of organizational neglect
  • How often have you wanted to tackle the clutter, but had no idea where to begin?
  • How much money have you wasted purchasing items that you know you already have, but do not know where they are?
  • Would you love to able to park in the garage again?

When is the best time to hire an organizer?
How about in the fall? You need to clear out the garage to get the summer items in for storage. Or maybe you want to get things in order before the holiday’s decorations go up and company comes to visit

How about in the winter? We can assist with packing up the holiday decorations or cleaning up paper clutter for tax season

How about in the spring? It’s a great time to clear things out for a good spring cleaning. Maybe you want to clean up the basement or the attic and get ready for a rummage sale.

How about in the summer? Kids are home and you’re going through clothes before the next school year

What is considered clutter?
Clutter is anything we don’t need, want, or use. It’s anything that takes away our time, energy, space and finances. It can be ill fitting clothes and unwanted gifts, or time-sucking activities.
I’m normally organized, can't I just do it myself?
Absolutely, but why haven’t you? Are you feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start? We are non-judgmental and can guide you through the process.
I'm never organized! Is there hope for me?
Yes! There is no ‘one size fits all’. We aim to find what organizing style works best for you and we’ll discuss how to maintain it in the future
I don't have the time to get organized.
“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes life happens faster than we can keep up but the good news is that every area of your life that you get in order will end up saving you time, which you can then roll into the next area to get organized, which saves more time. Pretty soon, you will feel in control of your space and your schedule. Why not do that for yourself?

I’m embarrassed for anyone to see my space.
Most people think their space is the worst. Everyone’s clutter is relative to their level of comfort. Keep in mind that our threshold for your disorganization is high – this is non-judgment zone!
How should I prepare for the consultation?
Do nothing! It is best that we see your home as it is on a daily basis. This gives us a clearer idea of how you use your space and identify what is or isn’t working for you.
Do I have to buy organizing supplies?
Don’t buy any organizing supplies before we have decluttered your space! Often times we can find supplies after you eliminated or moved items in the area we are working in. If you do need items it might be possible to shop your house for bins and boxes and not spend a dime. Some people prefer to start over with new matching storage systems. Whatever you decide, we can provide you with a list of sources to save you time and headaches.
Do I need to be home while you work?
That depends on you.

If you need to declutter, we can work on this with you, then we can work alone to organize what is left. If you or anyone else wanted to help, it’ll get the job done faster, and in the end, save you money.

If you don’t want to touch a thing, or you usually live in an organized space but it’s a busy period in your life, we can work without you. But this involves clear communication of what needs to happen at the beginning of the process and between sessions.

Are you going to make me throw things away?
No! You will make the final decisions on what goes and what stays! Some people don’t need to remove any items, they just need to get organized. These are your personal items and we will figure out if you are holding onto them out of guilt, obligation or whether it deserves to be in the house because you love it or use it.
What do you do with the items I let go of?
We will take care of that for you! When we leave, we want the project to be complete and ready for you to enjoy. We are passionate about avoiding waste and about putting things to use to help those in need in our community. When items can’t be donated to a specific charity, we can bring them to a local thrift store, recycle them or arrange for their safe disposal.
How much time will this take?
This is a very difficult question to answer because every project is different and can range from a few hours to days or weeks. The speed of completion depends largely on your ability to make decisions. Some who reminisce and contemplate the items we come across is going to take longer than those who can blindly sweep items into the trash or donation box. It will also depend on the size and contents in the space, the number of interruptions, and so on. We will provide a time estimate after the in-home consultation and keep you informed throughout the process
What if I struggle to maintain the space?
We want to make sure that the spaces and systems we’ve set up are ones you and your family can maintain after we leave. Each person has a different organizing style and we need to find what works for everyone. We also offer a Maintence Plan to past clients
What is your policy on confidentiality?
We take your confidentially seriously. Our contract ensures the privacy of our clients. We will not discuss your business with anyone, share photos of your space without explicit permission, or reveal that you are our client. Due to the sensitive nature of our work and the high level of trust it requires our clients to place in us, you can be assure of 100% confidentiality when working with us.
Will you be taking pictures?
Yes. Part of the process is taking photos of the space before and after so that we have a reference of what we accomplished. As started above, confidentiality is foremost, so rest assured we will never share your photos without your permission.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, professional organizing it is a great baby shower, wedding or house warming gift. It can also be a great gift if a friend or family member expressed an interest in organizing services, otherwise it can feel judgmental.
What is your service area?
We work in the Milwaukee County and surrounding areas
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards
Estate and online sales
Sorry, that is not our area of expertise but we can connect you with others that can help you.
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